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Admission Terms

  • I have gone through the syllabus of the program I am appearing for .
    • The admission of the course is not Transferable.
    • Any property of internet swaggers is damage by me the I am responsible to pay for it.
    • The student is responsible to complete the course if he or she fails to attend more than five classes internet swaggers is not responsible.
    • Continuous gap of 5 days of a student internet swaggers has the right to drop the admission with no refund of fees.
    • Internet Swaggers is responsible to give 3 interview calls to the student.
    • Student can attend any other batch if he or she is Absent for the class in the appointed batch only with the confirmation  from the Admin.
    • The Course fees and the registration fees is not refundable
    • If the student fails to pay the fees on the given date by the students are the admin internet swaggers has the authority to drop the admission
    • All the legal matters will be dealt in Mumbai High Court or Nashik Court
    • Miss Behaviour of a student, internet swaggers has the authority to take legal action on the student
    • The admission cannot be cancelled if the students attend more than 2 classes
    • Internet swaggers will only call or SMS 7 times in the entire course to check why student is not attending the class (We Except 100 % Attendance by a student )
    • The program provided by internet swaggers is not Government affiliated Course.
    • Internet Swaggers has the authority to change or revise the syllabus according to the industry requirements without any prior notice to students
    • The student is responsible to inform the train of other admin about the topic or a module he wants to revise or he was he or she was absent in that particular class






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