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Digital Marketing Course in Nashik

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All in one course


Digital Marketing

Website Designing 

All About Marketing

Video Editing

50 Advance Modules

The Most Detailed Digital Marketing Course Syllabus 

– 100 Hrs Plus, Compare it Yourself


Learn real Digital Marketing Course Specially as per industry oriented methodologies. We assured you to give 100% Practical as per industry needed knowledge. We have not divided modules (To increase the numbers of modules usually other institutes do it). The Digital Marketing course modules which we provide also includes Real-time Case Studies & Assignments for every Module to learn in-depth practical knowledge. Also this will help you to understand the real scenario in the market which you have to handle while working as a Digital Marketer. Because we want our students to stand out as a “ Best Digital Marketer”.

Introduction to Digital marketing

Digital Marketing and the various models and platforms Get introduction to world wide web (www)


Learning how to blog and making money and becoming pro in Blogging.

Local SEO

1.What is Local SEO

2.Importance of Local SEO

3.Submission to Google My Business

4.Completing the Profile

5.Local SEO Ranking Signals

6.Local SEO Negative Signals

7.Citations and Local



Graphic designing
  1. Logo Designing
  2. Post Designing
  3. Ads Designing
  4. Pamphlet Designing
  5. Visiting Card 
  6. office related documents Designing.
Social media advertising
  1. Campaign Planning
  2.  Budget Planning
  3. Facebook Smart Campaign
  4. Boost a Post
  5. Promote Your Send Message Button
  6. Promote Your PageP
  7. Promote Your Learn More Button
  8. Get More Website Visitors
  9. Get More Leeds
  10. Facebook Ads ManagerF
  11. acebook Ads Account Creation
  12. Understanding Goals Awareness
  13. Brand
  14. Awareness
  15. Reach
  16. consideration
  17. Traffic
  18. Engagement
  19. App installs
  20. Video viewsLead generation Messages
  21. Conversion
  22. trafficPixel for tracking Payment SettingsFacebook
  23. Pixel Facebook
  24. Custom audience
  25. Facebook Lookalike audience
  26. Facebook conversion tracking
  27. Facebook Ads manager
  28. Facebook billing setup
  29. Facebook business manager
Quora marketing and Paid Ads

You will Learn how to use  Quora for marketing to establish thought-leadership, drive your content marketing, and reach potential customers.

Mobile marketing
  1. Mobile Marketing Tools
  2. App marketing and promotion
  3. App store optimization
  4. 0n page SEO for app store
  5. Creating app engagement
  6. Building website presence
  7. Trends in mobile advertising
  8. Mobile app promotions
  9. Techniques to improve downloads and usage
  10. Understanding the world of missed calls
  11. SMS marketing Campaigns
  12. ASO (App store Optimization)
Video production
  1. Learning to handle Camera
  2. Camera angles
  3. Croma  effects 
  4. Camera Equipment’s
  5. Complete Video Shooting set up
Podcast Marketing
  1. Intro to Podcast Marketing
  2. Why Pod Cast Marketing 
  3. Content in Podcast Marketing
  4. Understanding Podcast Marketing
Online reputation management
  1. Corporate reputation in the Digital age
  2. Reputation and participatory culture
  3. How online has changed the media cycle 
  4. Managing a reputation online
  5. Protecting a reputation when it goes wrong, crisis response 
  6. Towards best practice reputation management
Content marketing
  1. Build interesting and compelling marketing content
  2. Content marketing overviews and strategy  Writing messages
  3. creating content
  4. content challenges
All about marketing

Learning all important factors of marketing like

  1. sales marketing
  2. Advertising
  3. Competition Analysis
  4. Campaign Planning
  5. Sales funnel
  6. Sales analysis
  7. Project pitching
  8. product management
  9. client oriented strategy
Website Planning & Creation

1. Why Website

2. Website Plan for SEO

3. Types of Website

4. Introduction to WordPress

5. Installing WordPress

6. WordPress Dashboard

7. Editor Plugin installations

8. Website themes

9. Them Customizer

10. Website Builder & Types

11. Plugin Installation & Buying

12. Creating webpages

13. Creation Menus & Submenus

14. Imp WordPress Setting

15. Buying and Importing Teams

16. Customizing WordPress

17. Landing Page Creation for Ads

18. Learning Html Tags

19. Html Coding in WordPress

20. Website Speed Checking &


21. Website Compression

22. WordPress Them Detector

23. Website To App

24. Website Security

25. WordPress Website Shifting To another


Webmaster tools

Submitting website to search engine like Google & Bing.  

1.Intro to Web Master

2.Google & Bing

3.Website Submission

4.Code Implementation

5.Code Verification

6.Search Appearance

7.Structure Data

8.Search Data

9.Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

10. Search Analytics

11. Links To site

12. Internal Links

13. Manual Action

14. International Targeting

15. Mobile Usability

16. Google index

17. Blocked Resource

18. Remove Urls

19. Site Map Submit

20. Crawl

21. Crawl Errors

22. Fetch As Google

23. Security Issue

Video Editing

Learn the Art of video editing using the Professioanl Paid Tool  Edtitiing Video For Youtube ,  and Ads purpose 

Social media Automation
  1. Understanding Automation Tools
  2. Buffer
  3. Hoot- Suit Posting And Promotion
Influencer marketing
  1. Introduction to influencer marketing Authenticity/defining your brand
  2. Growing your audience
  3. Engaging and keeping your audience
  4. Best practices for brands/influencer sourcing and relationship building
Google Smart ads

Learn Automated advertising by Google Ads

1)Get more Calls

2)Website visit sales

3)Location Visit

YouTube Marketing
  1. Introduction to YouTube
  2. Creating YouTube Channel
  3. Creating annotations
  4. Creating Cards
  5. Navigation Increase Views
  6. Video Optimisation
  7. Brand Account
  8. YouTube Monetisation
  9. YouTube Ads
  10. YouTube Certification1
  11. Video production
Chatbot marketing
  1. Chatbot creation
  2. Bots for lead generation
  3. Facebook bots
  4. Bots for website
Conversion rate optimization
  1. What is Conversion rate optimization
  2. Use of Conversion rate optimization 
  3. Tools Conversion rate optimization strategy
LinkedIn for sale


1.Profile Bulding

2.Keep connections informed of your status

3.Showcase your skills, credentials, and experience

4.Change your profile settings

5.Organize your connections

6.Grow your network

7. View network statistics

8.Stay in the spotlight with updates

9.Monitor who has viewed your profile

10. Get informed of important groups

11. Add connections and applications

12. Create your company page

13. Promote products and services

14. Use analytics to gather information about

followers of your company

15. Interact with job seekers via premium service

16. Research other companies

17. Maximize your company page

18. Learn valuable group page options

19. Follow important group page discussions

20. Discover list of group pages you may like

21. Employe Linkedln’s Resume Builder

22. Perform an advanced job search

23. Post jobs

24. Use job seeker toolkit

25. Correspond with connections

26. Use Linkedln Answers to discover information and to demonstrate your expertise. 27.Linked-in Paid ADS 28. Lead Generation


Domain hosting buying & Selling

1. Introduction To WWW

2. IP Address

3. Use of SSL , Installing & Buying

4. Types Of Domain

5. Buying Domain

6. Creation Sub- Domain &Directory

7. Understanding Server

8. Types of Server / Hosting

9. Hosting Buying

10.Connecting Domain & Hosting

11.Understanding C panel & WHM

12.Creating cPanel

Search Engine Optimization
  1. Advance SEO Fundamental’s,
  2. On-page
  3. Off-page SEO
  4. Micro data Schema
  5. Links & PNB
Google analytics

Complete Web analytics, Data Collection, Data Analysis for marketing, Real time Tracking.

Social media marketing
  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. Instagram Marketing
  3. twitter Maarketing 
  4. Snapchat marketing
  5. Creating Business pages
  6. Groups,
  7. Events
  8. Offer 
Remarketing and conversions

Pixil . Data collection for marketing and targeting the right audience on Facebook ,Google ,   Twitter Instagram.

  1. Learning How to create a freelancer account
  2. How to build your profile
  3. How to select projects
  4. How to set a bid on projects
  5. How to communicate with a client
Google Paid Advanced ads
  1. Introduction to Google ADS
  2. Google Ad words
  3. Account and Billing Setting
  4. Types of Campaigns
  5. PPC Campaign Setup
  6. Ad Groups and Keywords Setup
  7. Bidding Strategies
  8. Ad Rank
  9. Quality Score Optimization
  10. AdWords Ad Formats
  11. Ad Extensions
  12. Shopping Campaigns
  13. Dynamic search campaigns
  14. Display Ads Campaigns
  15. Remarketing campaigns
  16. Mobile Apps marketing
  17. Video Marketing
  18. AdWords Tools
  19. MCC Account
  20. AdWords Editor Tool
  21. Conversion Tracking
  22. AdWords Certification Exam
  23. Performance monitoring and campaign tracking
  24. Impression
URL Campaign Tracking

An Advance Data Driven Campaign URL Builder. This tool allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns

WhatsApp marketing
  1. What’s app for business
  2. Making WhatsApp promotional calls to customers
  3. Collecting and monitoring feedbacks in WhatsApp
  4. Sending recommendations to customers  based on their choices and preferences
  5. WhatsApp Automation Tools.
Email marketing
  1. What is Email Marketing
  2. Email Servers
  3. Benefits of email marketing
  4. Types of Bounce
  5. Understanding Inbox   & Spams
  6. Building email marketing strategy 
  7. Building subscriber lists
  8. Email Marketing Tools
  9. Designing Newsletters
  10. Types of Campaigns
  11. Reports and Analysis
  12. Certification  & Exam
OTT Platforms
  1. Introduction to OTT Platforms
  2. Ads on OTT Platforms
  3. Netflix
  4. Hot star
  5. OTT Case study

18 Certfications

There are 18 Certifications included in our Digital Marketing Course in Nashik which will help you to showcase your expertise in the respected platform, we will make you ready for the certification and syllabus will be covered in the course. The student will give the exam in guidance of the experienced and certified mentors  it is more important to understand practical Digital Marketing.  Only Facebook certification is paid, the rest of the certification will be free which also includes Google Ads certification where you have to undergo an online examination  process. There are different types of certifications provided by google in Digital Marketing which are given below.

Google has 5 Certification which is having multiple choice questions format.  The certificate directly issued by Google. These certifications required to clear Google certification to verify the knowledge and strategic understanding of each category of advertising.

Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising tools to get more traffic to your website, and generate more leads.
Most widely used platform for online advertising across the globe. Google add certification will add an advanatge to your profile.Google has 5 Certification which is having multiple choice questions format.It requires to clear Google certification to verify the knowledge and strategic understanding of each category of advertising.

1.Adwords Fundamental
2.Search Advertising
3.Display Advertising
4.Mobile Advertising
5.Video advertising
6.Shopping Advertising

Google Analytics keeps a track of advertisement and publisher’s products to enhance your business, so you can use your insights to deliver the best results. This certification says “u are master in google analytics”

Facebook Bluprint is an official platform for advertisement by facebook. This certification is about how you have officially gained the mastery and develop a strong foundation. The student will be paying directly to the facebook for the certification. (Facebook certification cost – 10, 000 INR)

1. Data Driven Digital marketing – In Data-driven marketing, marketers are able to identify what works, what doesn’t and how to improve marketing efforts to include the most effective marketing strategy. this process is important & needs faster decision-making and better insights into what the customer wants from the brand. Data driven Digital Marketing skill is key skill that main brands are looking for

2. Social media marketing – Social media is one of the great digital marketing platform that can help you to increase your business visibility and brand awareness. Because of social media it is Faster & Easier to Communicate with your costumer. It’s main advantage is interacting with your audience directly and boosting website traffic. It is most affordable of advertising our product as well as we can target our audience for paid advertisement campaign.Certification in social media marketing will add importance to your profile.

3. SEO:Training course – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique used to increase a website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) on sites such as Google,Bing and Yahoo. SEO makes your website easier to search for users and also for search engines to navigate because it re-arranges your links,contents and your site’s architecture, making it easier to find. Certification shows that you have the necessary training and skills to work with search engine optimization.

4. Inbound marketing – Inbound marketing is a marketing Strategy that is planned to attract visitors and potential customers in, insted of pushing advertisement of a brand or product in the hope of lead generation or customer.Inbound marketing compared to traditional marketing, is much more cost-effective. Using this type of marketing we can easily reach to our potential costumer for our product or services.

5.Content Marketing – Content marketing is a type of marketing that includes the creation and sharing of online content (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not promote a brand directly but is intended to create interest in its products or services.Content marketer is responsible for creating valuable & relevant content & spread it on various multimedia platforms.

6. Email marketing – Email marketing is most efficient marketing technique, in which information or advertisement is directly sent to the costumer through an email.It is easy to start,easy to track and easy to understand. Costumer appreciates good email that results into good costumer relation, for each email send,it is easy to measure bounce rate, click through rates & conversion rates

7. Business analytics course -In simple words,Business analytics course is analysing data to find out patterns that will be helpful in developing Marketing and sales strategies. It’s usage can be found in almost every industry.Business Analytics has became one of the most profitable career options in terms of salary and growth.

8. Ads training: Fundamentals of Digital hubspot – Advertisement in simple word means a communication with the your costumer of a product or service. Advertisements are paid messages for costumers, expert in advertisement with certification that needs in every companies

Bing ads are powered by Microsoft. It is based on keywords. Bing ads are cheaper than Google ads. Certification in Bing ads adds value to your resume

The course completion certificate will be issued by Internet swaggers institute for Digital marketing. Our digital marketing certification program of 120 hrs includes 54 modules and 18 certifications which will make you industry-ready with hands on practical knowledge.

For You in our Digital marketing course in Nashik

100 % Job Guarantee & Assurance

We promise 100% job Guarantee. We arrange unique interviews of every kind of student according to their individual eligibility. We have a special placement cell for students. which is on their toes to train students for job interviews.

Live Ads of 50,000 Rs.

All the ads of Internet Swaggers are placed by the students. The students are provided with funds to do live advertisements, so that the students understand how to place real ads and the working of web ecosystem works and decision making.

Live Project

At Internet Swaggers, students have to make projects. They have to implement each topic taught in the classroom on live projects and personal website to learn proper execution. 

Daily Assignments

Day to day assignments and case study tasks are given to students for their practice. Students have to submit their assignments daily.

The Art Of Pitching

The live session will be held to teach to how to give Presentation Explaining the plan and Strategy

Campaign Creation

Creating live Campaign Ads for the client understand the needs and equipment 

Free Tools

We will be Providing Free Tools which are free sign up tools and tools and also the Tools Which are being used by us

24 ✗7 Support

We promise to help our students any time if they have any problem and question regarding Digital Marketing in between training or if they are working our Trainers are  always ready to support any time weather day or night

Project Management

How to manage project Planning, Management and executing the work closing with team and achieving the Goal

Mock Interviews

To make you interview ready, 3 Mock Interviews will be taken to make our students interview ready by the industry experts having 23 years of experience

Individual Focus

Our students are our focus we don’t want any problem or difficulties should be taken out of the class room

Free Domain & Server

We provide a domain and server hosting to each and every student completely free for 1 year so that students do not have to invest extra money for that. They can try and execute on this domain and server.


We provide a 50% scholarship to the deserving students. The students have to undergo a small test  where they have to score minimum of 80 % Marks

Study Portal & Live session

Online Notes and video Sessions are  available at Internet Swaggers Portal so that our students can learn live, any time, from any place. Exclusively for the students of Internet Swaggers.

Introduction to Agency

We will teach you, How to introduce  your Agency or a company to your Customers may be you Run your own Agency planning to start your own

Strategy & Planning

Marketing Stands in the pillar of Strategy and Planning we will teach you to make winning Strategy and plan

Project Presentation

A proper presentation will help you to win your lead

Client Briefing

The Client Briefing the most important bit of information issued by a client to an agency. It’s from the brief that everything else flows. Indeed written briefs are a point of reference that can be agreed at the outset and therefore, to some extent, form a contract between client and agency.

Industrial Visits

We will take you to site visit that you may understand how actually the works and Atmosphere is in the Company so you may get the glance how you have to work

Reporting Evaluation

 Is Part where you will be tought how to understand the report analyzing the report.

HR Placement team

We at Internet Swaggers have special dedicated team which will be constantly focusing on students job we have tie-ups around India

100 % Internship

We will be providing you internship certificate

Learn From 

Mr. Vineet Waghmare 


12+ Years In Digital Marketing


Alumni of the University of Chicago


Worked on 1000 + Projects


Digital Marketer of the year 2020 By CMO Asia


Trained More than 3000 Students

vineet waghmare

What After  Learning Digital Marketing ..

Job Seekers

  1) Social Media Executive & Manager
  2) Digital marketing Executive & manager
  3) Digital content manager
  4) Performance marketing manager
  5) Head of digital
  6) SEO Executive & manager
  7) PPC Executive & manager
  8) Strategy and planning

House wives

    1) Free lancing
    2) Content Writer
    3) Search engine Optimisation
    4) Social media Management
    5) Marketing Consultant
    6) Affiliate Marketing
    7) Ecommerce Business
    8) Graphic Designing
    9) Trainer



   1) Drop shipping
   2) Ecommerce
   3) Online selling
   4) Youtuber
   5) Part time job
   6) Social media Monitor
   7) Search engine optimization
   8) Blogging
   9) Graphics designing

Who Can Do The Course 


Working Professional

It Adds value to your resume, if you  are working, having job experience, digital marketing will help you to get high pay scale.


For the housewives who wants to be  more independent, should learn digital marketing, and can start her own venture,  freelancing, professional blogging,  online tutoring,  social media management.

Student & jobseekers

It offers  large Opportunities for students  without even stopping their studies, You can write a blog, can start YouTube channel  and  can achieve google certification by appearing  exams 


Business Owner

Digital marketing  helps to acquire large number of costumer at an affordable price and also beneficial  for every businesses


Will you provide free Tools Like other institute in Nasik?

Yes, we do provide free tools and software. We will be also giving live access to live platform like
google analytics. Most of the tools are free from which some of them are free signup tools.

How many Certification are there in the your Digital Marketing Course ?

Our advance Digital marketing course includes 18 certifications. We will prepare you for the
certification. All the certifications are of the respected company and the certificates will be provide by
them itself. No institute has the right to take the exam on behalf of any other company.

Any Coding knowledge required to learn digital marketing ?

No, there is no coding knowledge require in digital marketing only basic computer knowledge is
required like handling internet etc

Will I get discount in fees ?

Yes, you may get a discount in fees as per the rules of our institution.

I am From non-technical background can I learn ?

Yes. Anyone can learn  Digital Marketing only basic english knowledge(for job purpose) & basic computer knowledge is require.

Will you provide me internship certificate ?

No. We don’t provide internship certificate until you work for us for minimum 6 months.

Will You provide placement ?

Yes. we do  provide 100 % placement to our eligible students. We have our special placement cell.  We have a record of 95 % students placed, we also organize the inhouse placement campus interviews.

What if I couldn’t attend the class regularly ?

Students can attend the session any time. If they miss any session they can attend any other batch in
the topics been taught. If the students forget any of the topics and requires revision, they can come
back and attend the session. We also provide backup sessions.

Digital Marketing Course Fees in Nashik ?

The fees of our Digital marketing course in Nashik depends upon what you choose, full course or a
specific module. In some cases we do provide the discount and scholarship. You may get the detailed
answer at our Digital Marketing institute in Nashik.

Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

We are the only ‘Digital Marketing’ training institute in Nashik‘ which promises 100% Job Guarantee and Assurance and the only Digital Marketing Course in Nashik which focuses 90% on hands-on practical learning. We give attention to each and every individual student. You will be taught exclusive 40+ Modules in our Digital Marketing Course which are not sub-categories amongst themselves like other Digital Marketing Classes in Nashik. Along with that, you will be taught the fundamentals of Marketing which will help you establish a strong foundation in Digital Marketing which also includes 18+ Global Digital Marketing Certifications absolutely free of cost. This certification will increase the value of your resume and will help you secure your job. The global certification from Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Bing. Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course is for Job Seekers, Housewives, Students, Marketing Professionals, Sales Representatives and everyone who wishes to change their careers. Our highly advanced and updated ‘Digital Marketing Certification Course; will empower you with job opportunities, Business opportunities, Freelancing opportunities, Entrepreneur opportunities, and will guide you to become a Youtuber, Social media Influencer with the help of Advanced Digital Marketing course modules. These modules will make you an expert and master of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) , Social Media Marketing(SMM), Social Media Optimization(SMO),  Google Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO), Marketing, Planning, Branding and much more. This is just the first step to your career dreams because Digital Marketing is a fundamental marketing way today.

We, ‘Internet Swaggers Training Company’ are based in 5 cities with 9 Centres. Internet Swaggers is awarded as the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Nashik. We focus on providing the best of realistic industrial knowledge, updating the latest technology trends and tips to the students. As ‘Digital Marketing’ is ever-flourishing and varying, it is very much important to stay updated. We promise to help each and every individual student to help build a remarkable DM career for them. We at Internet Swaggers take the responsibility to provide support to our students at any point of time for their growth. Mentors of Internet Swaggers are well trained and experienced with more than 10 years, that too with realistic profit and loss business models. Our Chief Mentor Mr. Vineet Waghmare is an Alumni of the University of Chicago who trained more than 3000 students. We give special & personal attention to each and every student, we provide free resources and live platforms for better understanding, We have a placement cell which also grooms every single candidate for interviews. Over 95% of graduates say Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik at Internet Swaggers had a positive impact on their career.

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