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In these days making money online is became important because of it is less time consuming ,less hectic and we can earn money in less efforts. So here are some simple steps to earn online money.

  1. Platform :-   You can make money from Advertisement. For advertisement, you will need an excellent platform. It can be Blogging Channel , Youtube channel , a website or mobile app.
  1. Create a content for platform-  Select a niche according to your platform. And start creating content for your platform.
  2. How to Advertise on Your platform :-  Sell Ad space:- You can sell space for advertisement of brand or a Vendor on your website.
  1. Affiliate marketing:– You can also advertise a brand on commission basis i.e. You can do Affiliate marketing on your website for a brand or for a Vendor
  2. Drop shipping:– If you think you are getting less return for your affiliate service, You can start your own website and place other brand’s product at the price you want. This is drop shipping
  3. E-commerce website – in some cases of drop shipping, the vendors you worked for can ship fake products, so in this case your online reputation can damage so you can start your own e-commerce website where you purchase a product from some brands and Vendors and sell them according your own decided price and logistic
  4. Market Place –  Once you made your e-commerce brand, then other various brands can also sell their product from your e-commerce website
  1. Traffic :-  Traffic is the important aspect on every platform for sale. You can generate traffic on your respected platform by marketing or digital marketing. There are different tricks for digital marketing  to generate traffic on your platform
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